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maracaibo, description

Maracaibo is a Venezuelan city, capital of Zulia and Maracaibo. It is located in the Pacific Northwest, in alluvial lands within the depression of Lake Maracaibo innorthwestern shore of the lake body. It has, in its metropolitan area (municipalitiesMaracaibo and San Francisco), an estimated population of 3,065,125 in 2011,becoming the second most populated city in Venezuela after Caracas.
Maracaibo is the most important economic center west of the country because of itsmodernity and its proximity to the East Coast of Lake Maracaibo and the peninsula of Paraguaná places where it is extracted and processed much of the Venezuelan oil,respectively. In the center of the city can maintain customs that evidenced in itsvernacular architecture, with narrow streets and colorful houses, old theaters and churches.

In the city there are examples of colonial architecture and museums of interest. In the center of town is the Basilica of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá, patron saint of Zulia, affectionately known as La Chinita. This image of the Virgin every November 18massive worship him all the faithful, who lay their wishes fulfilled offerings or pledges, offerings that are usually gold jewelry and gemstones.

The stilt houses became homes, buildings and housesUrban and commercial growthwas massive after the discovery of oil in elZuliaAt present, the urban area reaches the 176 km2 and 217 km2 of rural areaThe unusual development of the city, fromdiscovery, oil extraction and industrialization, resulted in the problem of contaminationof Lake Maracaibo.

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what do you do it's on the weekend?

I come to university on Friday at noon and take a nap

I get up like wings 5 pm and go to the movies or watch movies in my room
or go to the shopping LAGO MALL much I love
On Saturday I got up late and go to my family farm
at night I go to parties with my friends and drink so mush
Sunday I'll take the sun in the pool at my home with my family
and share with my family

It's Me!

My biography: MY NAME IS JOSE DANIEL my age is 21 years, Born on September 15, 1990
I am virgo sign
and I live in Maracaibo, Venezuela

I am a person that I admire and I would like to learn about all cultures
  that exist in the world I dream about the world and visit every country.and learn from their traditions, music, food and especially each person

I love my country is very beautiful is rich in petroleo and has great talent.
women are very beautiful and intelligent. are the most beautiful in the world. 

                                                               MISS UNIVERSE 2008

                                                                MISS UNIVERSE 2009

I am a very honest person both myself and my loved ones..I like challenges and risks.'m very fun and I love fashion!